The Carla Vendeland Scholarship is open to seniors who have earned the Knight Valor Award (min of 140 community service hours).  Apply today.  Deadline is May 24th at 3 pm.  Application is found here.


In 1987, Newport High School parent Carla Vendeland created the PTSA Knight Valor program recognizing Newport High School students who made a difference in their community through their extraordinary volunteer efforts.  Mrs. Vendeland passed away in 1994.  In her memory and in honor of her dedication to our community, the Carla B. Vendeland Scholarship was established in 1996.  This year, one male student and one female student will be awarded $1,000 each.

To qualify for the scholarship, students must be:

1) a graduating Newport High School senior; and

2) earned the PTSA Knight Valor Award (a minimum of 140 hours of community service)


To apply for the Carla Vendeland Scholarship, send your application to NO LATER then 3 pm on Wednesday May 24th , 2017.  Your application MUST include the following three (3) pages:

Page One (1):  Provide your personal information.

* Student name

* Student ID number

* Home mailing address

* Phone number; and

* Email address


Page Two (2):  Provide an essay of no more than 400 words describing your most rewarding volunteer activity or activities.  In your essay, explain what you learned about community need and the impact of your work.  You may also discuss how or why you are committed to serving your community in the future.


Page Three (3): Provide a document showing your community service hours. A screen shot of your hours from Naviance is sufficient.  Make sure the page includes your name and student ID number.