Since Newport High School is changing how student volunteer hours are tracked , the PTSA Knight Valor System must change too.

Students must follow instructions provided by counseling department to log hours into Naviance.  For the first 40 hours, the counseling department will verify your hours by confirming the non-profit organization and emailing supervisor you listed.  For the next 100 hours, keep logging in your community service hours.  Your hours will be verified and the non-profit organization will be e-mailed.  Do not wait until the last minute.  Try not to wait months to enter hours.  It will be harder for organization to remember you and/or respond to email verification.  The NHS Knight Valor Award will be awarded to students that complete 100 hours of community service above the 40 hour graduation requirement.  Email with questions for Knight Valor Committee.

The application form is now available online. 

Deadline for seniors is May 15, 2017!!!  All other grades keep going until May of your senior year.  Each senior class will have new deadline.