Knight Valor Award

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Knight Valor is a Newport High School PTSA program recognizing students who have completed 100 or more community service hours above the 40 hours required by Bellevue School District for graduation.

Guidelines regarding acceptable community service hours for Knight Valor is consistent with those of the Bellevue School District.  Community service is any service that is done for schools, non-profit agencies and/or religious organizations.   More information on community service can be found using this link:

Community service hours must be recorded, submitted and approved in Naviance.  Students may reach out to Mrs. Aldridge in the counseling center for assistance before school or during lunch if assistance is needed when using Naviance.

All community service hours must be ‘approved’ by May 23, 2018.  The PTSA may not be able to recognize students who submit their hours after this date.

Beginning in 2018, students are no longer required to ‘apply’ for Knight Valor awards.  Juniors & seniors who have a minimum of 140 community service hours by May 23, 2018 will automatically be recognized unless the student specifically requests not to be recognized.  Juniors who qualify for Knight Valor will receive a certificate.  Seniors will receive a certificate, a pin and will be recognized in the graduation brochure.  

Note, if community service hours are not entered into Naviance or if hours have been submitted to supervisors but have not been approved, those hours will not be considered.   Thus, only approved hours will be considered.

Students who does not wish to be recognized as a Knight Valor award recipient must send an email to

Questions or inquiries should be sent to